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Our vision is for every individual, organization and community to have access to transformational coaches and facilitators. Leadership that Works (LTW) India is committed to offering training to as many people as possible, expanding the ripple effect of transformation in the world.

Want to join an LTW India program, but wondering how you can pay for it?

You have options!


LTW India offers installment plans with monthly payments options for the Coaching for Transformation Program.


Apply for an LTW India scholarship. A limited number of partial scholarships are available for selected courses.

Scholarship funds are awarded based on financial need, potential to reach under-resourced communities, and your potential impact. Many people from developing nations and under-resourced communities need access to coaching. So please consider thoughtfully your request for financial support, and ask only for what you need.

If you wish to avail the scholarship for Coaching for Transformation program, please write to us at programs@ltwindia.com.

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Copyright © 2021  |  All Rights Reserved
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