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      Open discussions and weekly discussions are for you to explore topics in more depth. You also have the chance to celebrate success and support each other when you face challenges. In this way we honor the group’s wisdom and expand awareness.

      We ask you to engage fully in the discussions and activities. We don’t expect each of you to participate in every discussion or activity, so please join in not because you “have to”, but because you want to participate!

      Please do not include the questions in your post; just use them as a guideline to talk about what you are learning about coaching.

      If these discussion topics do not resonate for you, we invite you offer your own discussion questions, articles, case studies and activities.

      Our request is that you post at least once a week. Your posts can be as long or as short as you like. To honor everyone’s time, keep your eye on adding value to this learning community.

      Faculty rarely get involved in these discussions, but we do read all the posts, so whatever you share informs future classes.

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