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Making a Difference

Deepen Your Coaching with Advanced Courses

While learning a coaching curriculum may take as little as nine months, cultivating your coach’s stand will develop over a lifetime!

Leadership that Works India champions lifelong learning, ongoing discovery, and radical creativity in continuing to stretch to your learning edges.

If you are here, you are a certified coach who desires to reinvigorate your practice, refresh your skills, and grow! Join with us in a community of learners dedicated to transformation, expansion, and service.

Advanced programs include:

  • Advanced Mentoring for Coaches
  • Parts Work series
  • Executive Coaching
  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Coaching with Psychometrics

Advanced courses are for certified coaches only. Whether you’ve been a coach for years or just got certified, our advanced courses help you cultivate your capacity as a coach.

Introducing the first of the new series of Advanced Coach Training Programs!

Dare To Dream

Appreciative Inquiry for Coaching

Appreciative Inquiry is a paradigm shift in enabling change. It is aligned with the strengths based approach, where change is enabled by amplifying what gives life to that person. It creates a strong foundation of the strengths already present, to give the velocity and power to imagine and achieve dreams which we may not dare to articulate otherwise. This change is also more sustainable because it is built on the strong foundation of what already exists.

Starts On: August 17, 2023

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