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Learn the Fundamentals of Coaching

We know coaching certification is a major commitment. That’s why we’ve created Coaching Essentials, a 12-hour program, where you’ll learn core coaching skills that you can start using immediately.

This program provides an ideal opportunity to study and learn the application of foundational coaching skills without the commitment of a full certification program. If you decide to pursue certification, you can apply both your Coaching Essentials training hours and tuition toward the Coaching For Transformation or Advanced Coach Training programs.

Coaching Essentials is highly experiential, packed with activities, demonstrations, plenty of practice, and feedback.

This program is led by coach trainers with extensive experience in culturally aware coaching. Their experience includes:

  • building on the assets and addressing the challenges faced by people of different cultures
  • supporting personal and organizational transformation
  • developing nonprofit and social justice leaders
  • integrating body, mind and spirit
  • building vibrant, healthy communities

Using a holistic approach, you’ll integrate body, mind and spirit, to empower people to be the change they want to see in the world. As a coach, you’ll support cultural respect and help clients access their inner wisdom and creativity.

“Coaching for Transformation was one of the most transformational training programs I’ve taken, and I have attended many self-growth programs. The program is unique because it works on the mind, body, and soul levels.”

—Yvette M. Pennacchia


You will leave the Coaching Essentials workshop ready to:

  • Ask empowering questions that open new possibilities
  • Structure coaching sessions that flow
  • Hold attention on what is most important to your client
  • Listen for transformation, helping people break through old patterns and habits
  • Create inspirational action plans and accountability structures


Coaching Essentials is an ideal choice if you are curious about pursuing a coaching career. Coaching Essentials can be a first step toward becoming a certified coach, giving you the opportunity to “test drive” the training before deciding if you want to continue with a full certification training.

You will also see an immediate benefit of applying a coach approach in your current work, making Coaching Essentials a valuable investment in your personal and professional development. You will renew your confidence as a change agent as you invite people to take action that reflects their power, creativity and authenticity.


In this Coaching Essentials course you learn to:

  • Embody a coaching mindset to tap into resourcefulness
  • Transform judgment into curiosity
  • Explore several coaching skills
  • Discover the secret to reaching goals while honoring values and needs
  • Get feedback on the impact of your coaching
“I see and navigate the world differently. My reality has changed, and I feel a collective responsibility for everyone’s growth and development. Everyone. I am keenly aware of our interconnection and that we are building the capacity for all people to live more whole and vibrant lives. That’s powerful.”

—Michael Wise


. Work with an organization that has engaged in the coaching field for decades.
. Learn from an authentically diverse team of trainers around the world who receive awesome reviews in 30 countries.
. Study the soundest coaching concepts culled from multiple fields: human development, psychology and soul work from indigenous cultures and Eastern philosophies.
. Immerse yourself in organization and system coaching.
. Engage in a training process proven to strengthen your intuitive muscle for activating transformation.
. Gain practical knowledge from programs designed for real-world situations inspired by profit and non profit partners.

Upcoming Coaching Essentials Program Schedule

In-Person Weekend Course | USA

September 09 & 10, 2023 | LEHIGH VALLEY

Live TeleclassES | Sep-Oct 2023

Every Tuesday | Sep 26, 2023 to Oct 31, 2023

In-Person Weekend Course | INDIA

November 24 & 25, 2023 | Mumbai

December 01 & 02, 2023 | Bengaluru

Live TeleclassES | Nov-Dec 2023

Every Tuesday | Nov 14, 2023 to Dec 19, 2023

Not Quite Ready? Try It For Free

Get a taste of our training and what coaching is about in The Power of Coaching, a FREE 90-minute webinar.

  • Learn about Leadership that Works India’s two certification programs: Coaching for Transformation and discover which program aligns best with your life’s path.
  • Gain practical coaching skills you can begin using right away in your personal and professional relationships.
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