Experience Coaching Supervision

"It is a joy to be hidden, and disaster not to be found."

~ Donald Winnicott

Coaches know this – how clients hide, especially their vulnerable parts – and how much treasure lies in those spaces, waiting to be claimed: power, freedom, creativity, expression and more.

Would it not be wonderful to receive support ourselves, for our craft and potential as a coach? Would it not be wonderful to discover what lies hidden within us, in our vulnerable places?

Coaching supervision is a gentle, perceptive and incisive process that accompanies coaches on that vulnerable journey. It supports us to hone our craft and sharpen the saw. It is recognized as a Best Practice for a coaching professional to include Supervision at regular intervals in their practice. Read this article on the ICF website emphasising the importance of Coaching Supervision.

Each hour of Supervision merits one CCEU and can be counted towards credential application and renewal.

Leadership that Works India, is excited to bring you the opportunity to experience Coaching Supervision as a group and as an individual.


We are offering a special introductory price for individual and group supervision with Deborah Howard and Jagruti Gala:

Individual Coaching Supervision

USD 650 / INR 45,000 + GST

Five, 60 min, Individual Coaching Supervision Sessions, over a period of a maximum 7 months

Individual Coaching Supervision

USD 650 / INR 45,000 + GST

Five, 60 min, Individual Coaching Supervision Sessions.
One session per month to be completed between Dec 2023 and May 2024

Group Coaching Supervision

USD 350 / INR 25,000 + GST

Five sessions of 90 mins each,
with a minimum of 5 and a maximin of 8 participants.

We are offering an introductory groups beginning Dec 2023 and Jan 2024 as follows:

Group 1

Dec 2023 to April 2024
led by Deborah Howard
Session 1 – Dec 12
Session 2 – Jan 9
Session 3 – Feb 6
Session 4 – Mar 5
Session 5 – Apr 2*

90 min sessions – 8:00 pm IST / 9.30am EST / 2.30 pm UTC

Group 2

Jan 2024 to May 2024
led by Jagruti Gala
Session 1 – Jan 10
Session 2 – Feb 7
Session 3 – Mar 6
Session 4 – Apr 10*
Session 5 – May 8*

90 min sessions – 3:00 pm IST / 10.30 am CET / 5.30 pm SGT

* Those living in countries that observe Daylight Savings Time will need to check the time for this session in their time zone
Deborah Howard | Esq., M.S.O.D., PCC
Faculty | LTW India
Founder and President of Guiding Change Consulting, Inc. Deborah is a leading organizational consultant and author who previously worked as a public interest lawyer. She brings intercultural insight and a passion for social justice to her work as a change catalyst — helping leaders and their teams transform themselves and the world by tapping into their wisdom and creative potential.
Jagruti Gala | PCC
Director of Mentoring | LTW India
Jagruti considers herself an agent of transformation and she is thrilled to push the edges of consciousness in herself and in others, to create a world of greater fulllment, compassion and joy. She takes pride in wearing several hats and is able to nourish the common thread of ‘Learning is Liberation’ that weaves its way through all of them. Jagruti leads the mentoring process for the CFT program.
For any queries or to know more, please write to us at programs@ltwindia.com
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