Altaf Shaikh | PCC

Lead - Faculty Development | Faculty​

is a relationship coach, whose interest lies in working with people who are facing a challenging time in their personal or professional relationships. He has also been working on developing leadership skills programs for marginalized youth on issues of gender, justice and inclusion with young women struggling to rebuild their lives. He is passionate about food, adventure sports and bonding with his 19 year old son. Altaf leads the faculty development initiative for LTW India.


Anna Mathisen | PCC


is an entrepreneur, international businesswoman, professional coach and athlete. Anna knows that Self Leadership—deep self-awareness and personal responsibility—moves people forward. While Anna believes in working hard and getting things done, she knows this can be done without being hard on herself.


Athitha Kongsup​


is a facilitator, coach and consultant for an organization. She focuses on social movement, education transformation and leadership. She also works with youths, teachers and educators who become change agents transforming lives and society. Athitha loves to support people to discover their inner resources and Self through the process of coaching and inner healing. She is passionate about creating various forms of arts and meditation.​


Charlotte Morse

Advisor - Leadership that Works India

joined Leadership that Works in 1998, when the company was emerging from a dream to reality. Initially, she held a lot of moving pieces, everything from finances to administration to operations. Gradually, these pieces settled into the foundation that now supports an international faculty and LTW’s work around the world. It was her integral part in the foundation and evolution of the company that led Charlotte to be named CEO in 2014. In her current role, she guides the vision and strategy for the organization’s development, while fostering a collaborative and inspirational culture for the staff and faculty.

Deborah Howard | Esq., M.S.O.D., PCC


Founder and President of Guiding Change Consulting, Inc. Deborah is a leading organizational consultant and author who previously worked as a public interest lawyer. She brings intercultural insight and a passion for social justice to her work as a change catalyst — helping leaders and their teams transform themselves and the world by tapping into their wisdom and creative potential.

Guthrie Sayen | PhD, PCC


has created multiple advanced coach-training courses for Leadership that Works; he created and leads the coach training program at The Graduate Institute; and he has trained coaches for the True Purpose Institute. In his private practice, Guthrie works with wounded healers, helping them do for themselves what they are called to do for others. He also helps seekers come into the presence of the Divine, so they can live their soul's purpose. He mentors coaches at all stages of their careers, from beginners to seasoned masters.

Jagruti Gala | PCC

Lead - Mentoring | Faculty

considers herself an agent of transformation and she is thrilled to push the edges of consciousness in herself and in others, to create a world of greater fulfillment, compassion and joy. She takes pride in wearing several hats and is able to nourish the common thread of ‘Learning is Liberation’ that weaves its way through all of them. Jagruti leads the mentoring process for the CFT program.

Kawtar El Alaoui


is a Conscious Leadership Coach & Facilitator, Creator of Holistic Leadership Program, Intercultural Mediator and Lawyer. Founder & CEO of Conscious Togetherness, and Trained True Purpose ® Coach. Kawtar guides and supports purpose driven leaders in amplifying their positive impact, for the creation of a world where no one is left behind. She stands for a world where everyone can live in dignity and peace, through personal empowerment, social equity, trauma informed relating, and values/purpose driven leadership.


Kim Fowler | PCC, ORSCC


is a Professional Certified Coach and is also certified in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. She has been training coaches for 13 years and has been on faculty with Leadership That Works for 9 years. Kim loves teaching and loves to see students light up when they recognize they have integrated their learning into their minds, hearts and bodies. Kim is a writer and singer. Her book, All Will Be Well: A Memoir of Love and Dementia is about how her family came to know itself in new ways after her mother's stroke.

Nancy coco | pcc


is an educator, coach, facilitator, speaker, and writer. Nancy delights in working with people of all ages, from children and youth to adults to seniors, offering 1-1 coaching, retreats, and writing as a tool for creativity, reflection, and discovery. As a Professionally Certified Coach with over eight hundred coaching hours, Coach Nancy is trained and experienced in coaching individuals through any life stage, stuck point, or growing edge, personal or professional, as well as coaching those who are finding their voice as writers.

Nancy helps individuals step into their power and access the courage to transform their self-doubt into self-confidence and success. Her greatest joy is supporting clients with loving compassion on their journey from awareness to aligned action, championing their innate wisdom and witnessing moments of magic and transformation along the way. Currently, through her business, Space of Allowing, LLC™, Nancy offers one-to-one coaching sessions and group retreats aimed at supporting wholeness and wellbeing in a space of allowing.

Nuttarote Wangwinyoo


MA on Leadership, and ICF Coach, has been a vision quest guide, leadership coach, nonviolence communication trainer, and an organizational development consultant over the past 20 years. He enjoy supporting leaders, teachers, and parents to be creative, inspirational and committed to bring out the best performance and fulfillment in people's life.


Mary Kuentz | PCC, CPCC


came to coaching after a successful career in marketing. After just one session at Leadership that Works, she knew that coaching was her calling. In addition to leading courses for Leadership that Works, Mary is a leadership coach in the Omidyar Fellows program in Hawaii, working with emerging leaders in the government, for-profit and non-profit sectors. Her work as a coach is to help people remember who they are and why they are here; to help people find the inherent goodness and power in themselves and their communities. Mary holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University.


Mungesh Saini

Cohort Anchor

is an ICF certified professional coach and has been trained by Leadership that Works, India on the coaching pathways and methodology. His approach is to create a space where a person could be himself/ herself without getting influenced by anything else. His intention is to make the space of potential visible for the client and for the coach as well. He strongly believes that leaders, individuals, groups and organizations can increase their contribution multi-fold when they are aware of their purpose, intentions and longings.


Pailin Chirachaisakul | PCC


As internal coach, she tries to create coaching culture in her organization via executive coaching, mentoring, designing and facilitating coaching mindset and skill-set workshop. As facilitator and mediator, she also helps leaders and teams to reduce conflict and get more understanding in order to create team alignment and achieve better performance.

Pernille Plantener | PCC


reminds clients about our innate interconnectedness; that we are cells in a greater tissue, even though our nervous system due to our historical and inter-generational history has chosen separation. She offers gentle re-calibration to reciprocity with each other and the more than human world, the result being enhanced efficiency, warmth, and fulfillment, both for the individual and for the organization.

Seema Bhatt | PCC

Managing Partner | Faculty

is a certified coach, mentor and a facilitator of transformation. What defines her life and work is authentic expression, facilitating a shift within to embrace one’s inner power and enable teams and communities to realize their collective potential. She has worked across various industries, organizations and with individuals as a Life coach, Leadership coach and a facilitator. Seema is currently invested in exploring how to bring sacred feminine in everyday living practices. Deeply intuitive, she brings a grounding presence and inquiry to the work of coaching. Seema is co-founder promoter and leads Programs, Operations, Finance and Legal for LTW India.

Sonali Kelkar | PCC

Director of Training | Faculty

is an organization development consultant and a leadership facilitator who is passionate about life. She thrives on partnering with individuals and organizations that are committed to growth. She extensively works with clients to discover and hone the leader present in them. She is an avid trekker, sailor and marathoner. She rejoices in using her coaching skills in engaging with her family – especially her daughters. Sonali is the Director of training for LTW India.

Steven Filante | CPCC, PCC


is an international coach trainer and advance coach supervisor. Always open to new modalities and possibilities, Steven challenges his learners to examine all parts of the human experience and how it can bring value to coaching. He coaches small business owners and executives who need a coaching ally to translate their vision of change into the world. Steven designed and delivered Fire in the Heart, an advanced coach training course.


Veronica King


is a South African communication specialist, master facilitator, global executive coach and social justice advocate. Veronica brings empathy and cultural awareness which enables her to create a safe container and thinking partnerships with her clients. Her intention is to facilitate her clients accessing their magnificence and potential. Her work is driven by a deeply held commitment to social justice and social transformation. She is currently chairing a Social Justice Committee for the ICF Global Coach Training Board.

Vikram Bhatt

Managing Partner | Faculty

is an organization development consultant who engages with client systems as a mentor, coach and facilitator. Living the transformation process authentically is core to his expression at work. Vikram works extensively with clients as an organization development coach to facilitate visioning, values orientation, behavioral/team building programs and competence development for intact and cross-functional teams. Vikram is currently invested in design and build of evolutionary frameworks. Vikram is founder - promoter of Leadership that Works India and leads Design, Brand, Growth and Partnerships for LTW India.

Wasundhara Joshi | PCC

Lead - Accreditation | Faculty

sees her purpose in facilitating well-being through wholeness and integration in individuals, organizations and society. She is passionate about bringing alive the potential and resources in people to be all they can be and more. Wasundhara is a pioneer in teaching and applying Appreciative Inquiry in India. Wasudhara leads the accreditation process for LTW India and manages the ICF relationship.

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